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Anthony G


If we are to work together, then this page will give you an insight in to who I am, what I do in my spare time and what sort of work I like to do. Reach out if interested in seeing if I have availability. Full disclosure - the photo is from around 2006! It was a 24 hour mountain bike ride thing. Hence the mud. And ah, yeah I'm a bit older now :)

The Work That I Like To Do...

Fitness Coaching #1

I really like to work with individuals for discrete periods of time to achieve a well defined goal and then celebrating with them. I seek job satisfaction as much as the next guy! I also have a strong interest in working with clients in the NDIS. See the page on the site relating to Exercise Physiology for more info.

Tennis Workouts #2

I was a qualified professional tennis coach but I love to provide workouts on the court as part of a regular health and fitness lifestyle. It's part of my routine as well.

Exercies For Golf #3

I have become a golf tragic to be honest over the past few years. I'm not a golf coach trust me, but I definitely have an expertise in prescribing exercises for golf to improve mobility and power.

Professional Interests

  • I have studied Precision Nutrition and am a Level 1 Nutrition Coach. I am super interested in better ways to eat and find health via good food.

  • I have studied the Functional Movement Screen and am a level 1 certified practitioner. I really love to understand why we might move a specific way and then ways to improve it

  • My Philosophy Around Fitness

    About Me

    For starters the image you see doesn't look like me on a day to day basis. It was taken after I won a head shot photo shoot at an International Women's day event a few years back. I don't think many of the women there were super happy that a bloke won it as there weren't a lot of us there! But shout to Jason Malouin for making me look a bit better than I actually do!

    When I am not trying to be a super model :) I like to surf, play golf and hang out with my family - my wife and step son, although now he is 18, he is definitely finding better places to spend his time. I also like to day dream (and sometime do) a bit about sailing or boating in general, building stuff with timber, gardening i.e. trying to get better at growing rather than killing plants! and assuming I get on top of the aformentioned, one day set up and live on a sustainable farm close to the ocean. And I guess at the age of 57, I might need to get moving on that last one!