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Personal Training


Please see all the personal training modality options below, any of these may be possible.

Check out our ABOUT page to get to know more of Best Practice Personal Training history. At this point in time, the personal training business for Best Practice is very different to what it was. Right now you can potentially work with me (Anthony Gillespie) only, as the option to re-build with personal training staff is under evaluation. I also say 'potentially work with' because I am only working with approximately 10 clients to train on a weekly basis in areas that I personally have an interest. Covid changed things a lot and now in the spirit of simplification, I am working individually with a smaller number of people (both in personal training and exercise physiology). I am spending the rest of my time working on building the small group training service called Fit Over 40, which is a more affordable and a longer term option for a larger number people and see if it has long term possibilities. If interested in applying for personal training go to the bottom of this page and book in a chat to see if I have currently have availability and if it is a good fit to work together, from both sides. Also check out the page - "Anthony Gillespie" to see what areas I have a personal interest in to work with new clients and what drives me personally. You should see if what I am about is something that resonates with you. There always needs to be a good connection between coach and client. 

Mobile PT

There is an option for us to come to you. This is perhaps the premier service as it captures the convenience of online training, i.e. you don't need to go anywhere and the personal nature of face to face, meaning 'this is in person!!' Will suit those with in 10km of Bowen Hills. Fair warning: This is not the most affordable option as travel time is billed on top of the hourly rate.

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Online Personal Training

No travel time with this one, no waiting for equipment, 100% you! Just like face to face sessions in the sense that your coach will see every move you make. You will get feedback and correction when needed on the best form always. Zoom, Facetime, Google Meet. It's all possible. You don't need heaps of equipment but some basics will help dramatically. Check this video out though for ideas of what to have

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