2024 begins.. Feb fast, whole 30 and training goals. Too much?

2024 begins.. Feb fast, whole 30 and training goals. Too much?

Best Practice and Fit Over 40.....

Gidday, Anthony G here.

I know it's been crickets for a while. But back on it hey?

My lack of communication continuity may just mirror your application to exercise and so perhaps you can relate. My motto with a common dilemma when it comes to a life long plan to exercise regularly is to 'never give up' and simply reset when the wheels feel like they have fallen off. I am applying the same principle to my blog writing :)

I guess this post won't be of interest if you have finally said, 'you know what this whole fitness thing is too hard'. My feeling is that if you are still reading, that is definitely not you.

The title of this post is one of what I'm doing. Maybe you will draw some inspiration from it. I am like you when it comes to all things health, fitness and nutrition. I am definitely not perfect and know that my application does ebb and flow. Admittedly, it's always there at some level but relatively speaking I had dropped the fitness ball over the past year. I had various 'reasons' for this, which were more just excuses if I look at it in the cold light of day.

But hope springs eternal right?

For me, the year begins after the Australia Day long weekend. (You know I'm not going to get in to the politics around that one. Suffice is to say I always want the opposite of division in our country and whatever it takes to achieve that).

So yeah, more or less on Feb 1 the year is DEFINITELY 'off and running'. So my thing is an alcohol free February, hence the 'Feb Fast'. For better or worse the Australian 'culture' does include a reasonable reference to alcohol and that substance being what it is, a complete month free of it cannot in any way hurt in my humble opinion.

Next you saw the words, 'Whole 30'. This is an eating regime of significant rules. Check out the link. In true 'Castle' style though, I like the vibe of it, not the rules. So I adapt my approach and what works me. It's hard to argue with reducing additives and highly process foods, whilst adding in more protein and fresh vegetables right?

The last part of the start the year off well thing is 'Training'. I have committed to a fitness challenge which can really help prompt action for me. A childhood mate of mine and I are going to do the Olympic Distance triathlon in Mooloolaba in March. It is a suitably challenging goal given my sparse swim and cycle training and if I am to be very honest, running too! On this part of the plan I did start in January because 6-8 weeks was deemed simply not enough from the base I was at to get ready to do that particular event. 10 weeks is still by no means perfect nor certain that I will be as ready as I want, but action has been taken and improvements made already.

Now all this may be too much for you or you actually may be doing much more. Cool either way, just pick your plan and apply accordingly. I suggest getting some measurements of where you are at now and setting some goals of what you'd like to achieve and the process you are committing to, to make that happen. This starting point data will be appreciated as you progress, so you can check how you are doing regularly. This kind of numbers game really helps motivate me. Again, this may not be your thing but be realistic and structure something which has a good chance of working for you. If what have done in the past has not worked perhaps it is time to try something different.

Here's a couple of ways to get started - check out the free class offer on this page and the time sensitive offer on this one