Research says strength training should be the cornerstone of your program because functional muscle is the MOST important aspect to body fat metabolism, disease prevention, a useful and yes a good looking body!

Most people will do extremely well if they get 3-6 hours of dedicated exercise per week (1.5%-3% of your entire week btw) and this is enough to make some serious positive impact to your health….. if training (and eating) is done the right way.

All programs should have  one and absolutely no more than four  resistance training sessions per week (2-3 is very good). Next you should have 1-2 intensive cardio sessions (quality is way better than quantity with this) and the last element is perhaps longer sessions of lower intensity – think fun stuff that is not exhaustive but ‘active’.

What should the length of time of your training sessions be? The latest research says 30-45 minutes is plenty. Good news! You don’t have to do hours upon hours to get fantastic results. You just have to know what to do and when.

A very important aspect to  consider is the universal principle of cycled training, meaning that you can’t have progress without recovery. Make sure there is some down time and transition between programs throughout the year. You will need this mentally just as much as physically.

We can coordinate all this in 2012 for our clients. I am looking at helping a lot of people achieve amazing transformations next year and we will have various  structured programs to achieve this. If you are already doing the job but just need a location for a very reasonable cost look out gym & swim deals. If you like working out with people and a group dynamic check out our new outdoor group training program and if you need a lot of help then you need our elite PT programs.

All our training will have goal setting as priority number one, nutrition as priority number two, and strength training and intensive cardio sessions as  priority 3 and 4 respectively. You put all this together and you get a vastly accelerated result.

2012 will be a good year!