Here is my quick and dirty summary of what the ideal workout plan looks like: (Get doctor’s clearance first and seek professional advice if unsure – we would be a good option!). You may have seen this before but unless you are dealing with this stuff every day as we are, it would be super easy to get confused. I also work on the idea that repetition of the right message will eventually sink in

1. Do something you enjoy or do something you know is good for you long enough until it becomes a habit that you just do with out thinking or negotiation.

2. Assuming you are good with number 1, try to slot in core strengthening (pilates and or yoga is good) as a session or two in your week

3. Do some high intensity interval training, either strength or cardio moves or both. The high intensity part means high intensity to you. Aim for at least 1 of these each week – 20 -30 minutes is plenty.

4. Do progressive strength training, meaning, do a range of exercises (with free weights is best) twice per week with the aim to extend your abilities in some way. Do a maximum of a 45 minute sessions twice per week. Whole body focus is good or Upper body/lower body split. Pick a weight that you struggle with in the 8-12 range, i.e. lose form and fail (safely) at either repetition 12 or somewhere in between to repetition 8. If you are experienced you might try a lower rep range. If that is you, you will know what I mean.

5. Do some gentle exercise or sport. I play baseball and surf a little (whilst my die hard team mates may think I am playing baseball the wrong way if I am calling it ‘gentle’, it isn’t exactly a triathlon either!). Active recovery is important and enjoyment is vital for longevity.

If you are keen to do this thing yourself, I have written (what some have kindly called an entertaining free report on the subject). You can grab yours by filling in the form below.

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