I was reading BRW recently and had the above reaction!

“Sawell was not overweight and his friends considered him the least likely person to have a heart attack. But his doctors were not surprised that his hectic schedule at work combined with a poor diet, smoking and levels of inactivity had led to a heart attack at such a young age”.

HELLLLLLLOOOOO! If this guys friends saw him as least likely (smoking, couch potato and stress victim) then I would hate to see their other friends!

Is this what it has come to? Smoking, inactivity and stress are normal????

Needless to say the object of this article did have the wake up call and at 40 years of age is redressing the imbalance. Good for him!

“I realised I had two beautiful young daughters that might have had all the latest toys when I had the very successful business, but at the end of the day nobody lies in on their deathbed wishing they had spent more time in the office”

So true.

Don’t leave the action part of your change till your doctor says, “you better do something about that gut” or worse still, your partner has to pick up the pieces after you are gone…..