I know you have heard this one from me before. It is definitely the one area that sabotages most people, even those who exercise well and especially those who say “I eat pretty well” and still are not happy with their body. I can tell you unequivocally that you aren’t ‘eating well’ if you are over fat and unfortunately that describes 65% of Australian men and 58% of Australian women.

I wanted to tell you quickly about a group nutrition coaching program with group fitness and an education component, like you have never seen from us before. I will be promoting this over the next 5 weeks but this is your chance to get in early and take a sneak peak. You may have seen some whispers of this before but finally, we are ready to go. This really is ‘THE SYSTEM” for getting the best results from your training. It  has been used by anyone who has ever seriously changed their body and got the result they were looking for. Even if you already train with us, this is still worth a look and could be integrated in to what you do because this will have a really cool group ‘dynamic’, which is why I am only accepting 16 (super keen and ready to go) participants, so check it out. I am putting this on because I love seeing people get results and I think it will be a lot of fun too.


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