I was talking to a friend of mine the other day. She owns a business and we were talking about how to ‘look after’ staff. I mentioned an article I read in a business magazine about an innovative company in Melbourne, who were providing time and resources for their staff to exercise each day. It was part of the idea that  ‘a fit person – is a happy person- is a productive worker’ . This company figured that one of the biggest challenges for staff is not the access to fitness options (although this is often used as an excuse) but the lack of time and this is indeed a real issue in this crazy world we live. I would always say though that you simply need to set your values right and with personal health and well being as the foundation on which everything else depends it is kind of simple and therefore will always prioritised and fit in somewhere.

But being that is it may, this company provided the trainer and the time with in normal work hours. What a great thing to do. It got us talking though about some of her employees who wouldn’t see this as an incentive but more something that would likely prompt a reply a long the lines of ‘well you can’t MAKE us exercise!’. Wow! It just made me think that no matter what kind of incentive and support a business puts in, if you haven’t hired right in the first place then you are probably in big trouble.

So I ask, do fit people make better employees? Can a business turn around an essentially lazy person? Tell me what you think

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