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We believe that a very important part of a balanced exercise program is time devoted to a functional and progressive strength program, regular cardiovascular training AND recovery type activity like.......Yoga.

5 spaces left  as of Feb 10

3 spaces left as Feb 12!




Jane is a Certified Level 2 Yoga Teacher and Certified Meditation Teacher. Jane has done her recent studies with The Biomedical institute for Yoga and Meditation, having completed focused courses in Restorative Yoga and Yoga Therapy for Gut Brain Health.

Jane has been dedicated to her own practice of holistic yoga for the last 20 years. She is passionate about our intrinsic ability to develop and heal ourselves through the regular practice of yoga and meditation. Studying the effect of mediation and mindfulness on the mind-body connection has not only provided a firm foundation for her classes but has opened a whole world of opportunity for growth and development.

Jane’s yoga sequences focus on deep relaxation and stretching, through to a more dynamic vinyasa flow, connecting mind and body, linking breath with movement.  Her classes combine a mix of beginner and intermediate poses with a healthy balance of prana and mindfulness. Her aim is to have people feel fully alive, with moments of stillness, connection and peace, feeling more able to cope with the ups and downs of everyday life.

Taking time each day to focus on one's mind and body, through gentle movement and mindful breathing, helps relieve stress, improve body strength, increase blood flow, improve posture and fundamentally improve the overall immune system.

"I believe yoga and meditation will have an increasingly important part to play in the life of everyday Australians and can transform our ability to deal with stress, so we feel happier and more connected to our community” – said Jane.

Cost for the 6 week intro program:

  • New Clients To Best Practice:  $120
  • Current Clients of Best Practice: $60 

Maximum of 15 people. As of Feb 12, we have 12 confirmed. 3 spaces left.

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