Yoga and or Pilates room for rent - Best Practice Personal Training

Yoga and or Pilates room for rent

Yoga & or Pilates Room for Rent. Best Practice Personal Training. 49 Allison St, Bowen Hills

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Contact details

3854 0386

[email protected]

Options available on renting the room


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  1. Casual – @ $50 per session

  2. 1 month booking paid in advance – @ $30 per session

  3. 3 month exclusivity agreement – $550 per week

  4. 6 month exclusivity agreement – $440 per week

  5. 12 month + exclusivity agreement – to be negotiated

$200 deposit on key for 1 month agreements and above.

NB: I have 2.5 years left on my lease here and a 5 year option for those who are thinking long term. Parking is good here both early and later in the day as we are in a semi industrial area. Access to it is good both in to and out of the city and off the ICB. We are located on the corner of Abbotsford Rd and Allison St so good exposure. I have access to a road sign as well that thousands of cars go past every day.