Wouldn’t it be nice?

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Wouldn’t it be nice, to stay young for ever or least longer? The videos this week are of what youth looks like in full flight and some pointers around good form on one of the most important exercises there is and another to maintain the ability to lift overhead. At the tender age of 55 I still remember being young, but only just 🙁 

Special thanks to my boy Indi for reminding us of youth with these 2 videos. There was another one which I called “blooper” of him doing some funny things and just being a kid but unfortunately, after a vote it didn’t make the cut.

So what is our best shot at slowing down the ageing process? It’s what you see in the videos.

Structured and safe strength training with a bit of fun. If you think you have got this on your own, more power to you and well done. Don’t stop! 

The keys to success with strength training, once you respect the principle of never hurting yourself, can be found in two major guiding principles. Progressive overload and consistency. You need to gradually but surely increase the challenge or your body will have nothing to adapt to and obviously if you aren’t consistent, then the results won’t be there either. Unfortunate factoid: You can’t store either fitness or strength. Hence the advice above. Don’t stop, once you start. 

I’m all for the ride on the bike or the jog around the block for the cardio benefits but somehow find a way to make strength training part of your life going forward. Functional muscle equals a younger biological age and to be frank, a better looking body…. if that matters to you 🙂

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