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Mystery woman still impresses……

There is no doubt we respect our clients because investing hard earned money in something which hurts (at times only!) both physically and financially takes high level thinking. Once in a while though one comes along who  really really really ‘get’s it’. I have mentioned this cleint before before but she just keeps impressing us.

Make no mistake that big results are going to take big consistent action. This client I am referring too has done just that. Even from the very start with a significant number of challenges this client has taken the required action, e.g. an injured ankle was holding her back from doing weight bearing exercise. So this client saw our recommended physio and dealt with it. Then she needed some serious assistance with nutrition and so she saw our nutritional medicine practitioner and was diagnosed coeliac. Whilst this seemed like bad news at the time the diagnosis was the first necessary step forward. She has been going at it now for 18 months and has achieved some serious results. Try this. 40kg gone! She has been weight training all the time so you can be pretty confident that this is mostly body fat. Wow, what an achievement. If you spoke to her she would tell you that it hasn’t been easy, far from it but satisfying? Yes. Life changing? A big yes to that. Recently she injured her hip when she came off her bike. Her response: “I’m swimming”  That folks is the right stuff.

We have nothing but respect! And THAT is why we do what we do.

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Your Lifestyle Has Consequences

Your Lifestyle Has Consequences

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