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On the weekend we had our annual trip to the corporate triathlon on the Gold Coast. It was a lot of fun as usual as it was a beautiful morning at Southport and there were plenty of people all shapes and sizes creating a great atmosphere. It certainly didn’t look like it was going to go ahead given the weather on Friday night! Well done to members Anthony Tuite, Dan Boucher and James Stott for partaking in this event. Now to talk about useful fitness, why I do events and why you should too!


I love these events for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it is the excuse to exercise that a lot of us need, including me. Now I am not a huge swimmer or cyclist but this event gets me doing these things. And I can tell you there is nothing better for your exercise routine then to mix it up. It makes you far more likely to continue because variety is the spice of life and the chance of overuse injury is reduced considerably. I also like these events because they give our members a greater sense of purpose with their training and it gives people who may be a little apprehensive a chance to have a go and maybe get something regular going. Let’s face it. It can be hard to start this fitness gig and to stay motivated with it at times. I recommend that everyone who is nervous about starting to take one small step at a time… who knows where it can lead! Leave it in the lap of the gods to reveal all once you plunge in so to speak. You know the deal, the longest journey and all that!


I often talk about useful fitness – there’s no point looking good in the gym if you can’t take this out into the real world and apply it to your everyday life. People often refer to functional movement, and I think it’s very important to think of this term in relation to useful fitness, the way you move and feel, and the way your growth in a gym setting can then be applied to the fun things you love in life. I also think it is a smart thing to map out your year with some regular focal points that kind of draw you to them. This will improve your sense of purpose and give you a firm target other than somewhat esoteric goal of health, fitness and well being. Rest assured that if you commit to events, the by product will be all good stuff. Before you know it you are investing time and energy in one of the best things you can do for yourself, and that my friends is regular exercise that becomes your habit for life creating functional fitness. This opens up new opportunities for more fun (and useful) stuff in your life! Is there a better goal to have???

I didn’t think so.

The 2015 Best Practice Corporate Triathlon team
The 2015 Best Practice Corporate Triathlon team


The last thing I want to mention is some upcoming events I’m hoping you’ll get excited about! The City2South and Brissie to Bay are coming up in June, so check out the links and consider giving them a go. Perhaps participating in one (or both?!) of these events would be ticking something off your bucket list, so have a think about it folks. No, scrap that, call me and let’s do this!

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