Why aren’t you massive dude?

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I was buying a plant the other day for the new gym and I got talking with the friendly shop assistant whilst trying to decide which plant would have the most chance of surviving the hostile environment of Sweat and a less than green thumbed owner!

“So you’re a personal trainer?” mystified look on his face. “why aren’t you massive dude?” said with a good natured vibe. “I mean you look outdoorsy and kind of fit (thanks!) but most personal trainers I see have it virtually tattooed on their forehead if not literally tattooed on their massive guns, you’ve seen what I am talking about”.

My reply, pulling out my old favourite, was “well yeah, I do  know what you mean but I am the ‘thinking person’s personal trainer'” …..This was something I blogged about sometime back if any of you recall after another similar type of experience  in Airlie Beach a few years back.

“and our clients aren’t the ones who respond well to the over muscled dude with the designer singlet”

Maybe I said this a tad too defensively as he quickly back pedalled with, “No, no, no don’t get me wrong, I am sure you are really good at what you do and I it meant more like, ‘yeah, cool someone normal, you know what I mean?”

I laughed and thought to myself, that I really do have to get those bicep curls going a bit more or wear a better cut off shirt!

But, I guess the point to note is that myself and the trainers you will get at best practice and in the new gym are down to earth, well educated but definitely NOT intimidating! We love what we do too even if we aren’t recognised everywhere instantaneously as a “PT”‘.

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