This question is often asked. Who is your client? What does he or she look like?

There is a lot of distrust out there when it comes to hiring a personal trainer. There is a mixed bag of quality available and it’s hard to know who to turn to. When I have surveyed our existing members and clients this is what I hear.

“I am a professional and I was looking to deal with a fellow professional. I am in pursuit of more energy and I want a controlled return to regular fitness training with due consideration to my old injuries and any current weaknesses I have. I lead a busy life so stress management is a big one for me. I am what I would describe as “health” motivated because now I just want to be able to enjoy an active life with my kids right into the future because seeing my parents age has caused me to look at how I am living and what the consequences of that path is. I am keen to move towards a life of functional strength, free mobility and cardiovascular fitness so I can extract every last bit out of this opportunity we have called LIFE!”

At Best Practice Personal Training, we produce just that – Best Practices in fitness, strength and health coaching. We aim to get better and better each year. What we are teaching now is better than what we did last year and way better than when I first started the business back in 2005. I am motivated to help people move better first and the move more often. I have learned some great new things this year in nutrition, smart exercise programming and behavioural science. These are the things that make up a successful approach to changing a life on the wrong track.

If you are looking to improve how you feel on a daily basis and you have been trying to achieve this for some time now, it is critical you take action because life will come and go. Grab it now and take control of what is your most valuable asset hands down. What is the point of making a truck load of money if you do not have the resources left to enjoy it? What is that saying?… “Those who don’t think they have time for physical exercise will pretty soon have no choice but to make time for illness”. Wise words.

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