our core values –


·         Down to earth (friendly & non-intimidating)

We will be down to earth by being friendly to all our clients and by asking the difficult questions with compassion and by holding all clients accountable in a non intimidating way.


·         Inquisitive (life-long dedication to learning, both theoretical and practical)

We will be inquisitive by always asking if there is a better way that we can help clients achieve their goals. We are committed to researching and implementing new improved techniques through a scientific approach and then with on-going evaluation refine what we do.


·         FUN (lots of fun)

We all have a sense of fun and a desire to use improved fitness and health for a more adventurous life, at least in some way. We don’t sweat the small stuff and figure laughter is the best form of ‘treatment’.





“Is to help our clients become ‘usefully’ fit so they can do more and do it better, both in work and at play. We believe this will lead to a happier existence for them personally and as a natural consequence – those around them.

join us for the brissie to bay bike ride on the 27th of June will ya? Let’s do something useful with all this fitness! Also let us know if you are coming to our barby on the 25th, the Friday before.