Where do you wear your carbs? Now this is a question I’m sure many people are very interested in…

 There is a lot of confusing information out there about diet and eating. Make no mistake – the ‘weight loss’ business has been (and will continue to be) a huge industry. Why though? Why is this the case? If what they are selling is so good, why hasn’t someone come up with the answer yet thereby effectively ending the prolific amount of information written on the subject??

The answer is that it is a self perpetuating business model. What I mean is that what they are collectively suggesting creates short term but unsustainable results, which inevitably leads to snap back. And not only does the weight snap back, it comes back with interest… The reason is that most diets create a metabolic environment that makes long term fat loss (which is what the whole thing should be about) harder and harder. Talk about an ingenious business model… Give quick, short term joy only to take it away (thus creating the need again) and offer the same thing again in a new form that seems appealing all over. We all recognize the need within ourselves for novelty and fresh ideas to keep us interested.

What do I suggest then? Stop looking for the easy answer. As a mate of mine once told me when I was learning how to work on my old timber boat, “the shortcut you are looking for will be the long cut you were trying to avoid. Do it once and do it properly, even if it seems like it is taking longer”. I guess this advice is nothing new to people who understand and embrace the principle of intelligent long term investing. Treat your body (your greatest asset) with the same consideration, and find the right information to then apply until you succeed.

So what is the right information? I am sure you are wondering about the headline revolving around carbs? We seem to intuitively know that carbohydrates are somehow the bad guy. Let me outline some of the simple facts of physiology as well as the rules to apply to achieve long lasting success with your exercise routine and eating approach, which supports it (hint: your eating approach NEEDS to support it).

 What most people do when they are looking for a quick result from an exercise program is to up the energy output and drop the calorie input as much and as fast as they can. This inevitably leads to an energy crisis and always leads to the best intentioned program failing within the first 4-6 weeks. Sound familiar? Apply the following rules and get ready for results like you have never had before. Sometimes you just need to know where to apply the pressure.


There it is: your blueprint for dealing with the carb issue!