When you think something is not possible…..

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I have just returned from being ‘hands on’ involved in a life changing event. My mate, Damian King is running from Brisbane to Sydney to raise money for Cambodia Vision and to challenge himself with something huge. I left with him on Thursday morning from the Valley Pool not knowing how long I could stick with him on his first day. As it turned out we did 65km of jogging together before finally arriving thoroughly exhausted but kind of elated at Dreamworld at around 6pm that night. There were a few stops as you might expect along the way and a few wrong turns that added kilometres we didn’t need, but the experience was incredible.


After that first day I couldn’t really move all that well [read, I felt almost dead!] and with a really painful left knee and ankle, I was unfortunately not able to run with him the next morning at 6am. I wondered as we dropped Damian off for the start, how he was ever going to run 1000+ kilometres in 18 days. His itinerary requires around 60km per day on average, if our ‘mapmyrun’ calculations are correct. This, to be honest seemed like too tall an order when Damian turned up the day before departure actually limping himself! He had some seriously good physio work done by a local who I will write about in my next blog but she basically got him to the start line when it looked like his challenge for charity was over before it started. The problem in that knee looks to be manageable but the pain is certainly real and an constant companion that ‘talks to him’ at various volumes throughout the day.

I ended up getting in another  unlikely30kms with him yesterday from Hastings Point to the Byron Bay turn off yesterday afternoon. He needed someone to go with him across a bush section that we were unsure of  and the support car couldn’t follow so I donned the shoes for what turned out to be another 3 hour run.

Damian got himself to Evans Head today and has a serious amount of kilometres behind him and my confidence in him making it and in time, grows each day. His last words to me were that he was aiming to beat the time done by another ultra marathoner called Andrew Hedgeman, who did the same run in 15 days. I would have told you this was impossible if you asked me a few days ago but with an attitude and a resilience level that has to be seen to be believed, the impossible starts to seem very possible indeed.

I will keep you posted on this adventure and implore you to consider your own challenges that you may have put in the ‘too hard’ basket. May be there are things you can do that you thought were impossible yourself and that judgement needs to be reconsidered. If you would like to be inspired, follow Damian’s progress on Instagram at jog_out_of_fog and on facebook, search jog out of fog.

This is a very cool thing that is happening folks especially when you consider what it has done for Damian’s life as well as all the people who will now get to see, thanks to the generous donations totally over $30,000 at this point.

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