What’s it going to take?

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Life just goes and goes! I remember seeing a cartoon showing a normal looking young woman sitting in front of the t.v. with the remote in her hand saying “I’ll watch just one more show and I’ll start the exercise program tomorrow”. The second cartoon showed the same woman, but older and decidedly less healthy looking saying the same thing with the remote poised “Just one more show and I’ll……” What is it going to take to get you moving NOW! Tomorrow never comes. What rocket do you need lit under you before action? Sorry for the brutality but I hate it when someone comes in after 20 years of neglect and abuse and expects all the years of unhealthy eating and drinking to be reversed with a 12 week quick fix boot camp. 

Just two things on that. There are no quick fixes and prevention is WAY easier than cure. Believe me.

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Maybe some of us have kind of dabbled in health and fitness. You know ‘The Amazing Watermelon Diet of the Stars’ in the weekly mag, or ‘Pilates is the answer to that flat belly you’ve always dreamt of’ on the prime time ‘health show’ or perhaps it was ‘Go hard or go home’ flyer of the ubiquitous 6 week challenge at the local gym that hooked you in, albeit until it got too hard or just finished.

Your Lifestyle Has Consequences

Your Lifestyle Has Consequences

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘that you become what you think about all day long’? The same also applies to exercise, ‘you become what you do or don’t do on a regular basis’. Hence the headline today. The trick with this ‘consistent exercise gig’ we all know we need is to find your motivation. If you can achieve that, you will no longer need ‘will power’, as the reason for doing it drives the action on auto pilot.