I have been running this business here for almost 6 years now. It always amazes me how people can get so close to committing and then just back right off. It is like the glimpse of what’s ahead (the work part) makes it all seem too scary. So scary that they run a mile the other way, in fact faster than they have run since children. Fitness is one of the hardest sells there is. The reason? You have to pay for something that you know is going to hurt at least a bit with a pay off that seems far from immediate and besides all that, is something you should be able to do for yourself…right?? All true but here’s the kicker and the harsh reality, most will NEVER do it and most will live average, low energy and less than enthusiastic lives because of a lack of conditioning. What a waste! Unless you believe in multiple chances at living then you might agree that the joy of being capable, feeling strong and the buzz of cardiovascular health is worth getting any way you can. Why? Because it literally underpins EVERYTHING – your attitude, your looks, your self esteem, your chance at grabbing as much as you can from your time on the planet. The chances are that if you haven’t got yourself in to a routine of fitness and healthy habits by the time you are 30+ you are going to need some help and sometimes a lot of help. As far as investments go, what is more important? Do you own an asset worth more than your life? I know that mostly only the converted will read this and be nodding there heads in agreement with this. Those who are too scared will not make it to the end and may have even unsubscribed sometime ago. It’s taken me a while to accept that that’s cool. Many are called in this world but few are chosen. What type are you?

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