I was talking with a nurse of all people the other day and she was lamenting the 10kg she has put on over the past 5 years. “I am sitting there thinking I really should go for a walk but you know I just don’t like it, you know it’s cold out side, it hurts when you walk up hills and…..”

I wasn’t quite sure where she was going with it because it sounded like she was not going to bother trying anymore. Now she wasn’t extremely unhealthy looking and had a great jovial personality but it seemed to me like she had lost any connection with how good it feels to move. To her, moving seemed like a chore. It is a  pretty scary place to get to because seriously, what is the alternative?

In ye olden days they used to say ‘no pain, no gain’. We have shied away from that sort of sentiment when it comes to describing exercise to the uninitiated, so as not to scare anybody off. But the truth is that there does need to be a certain level of discomfort and if we are to be really honest,  sensations that could be mistaken for pain. Jump on a computrainer or swim a few hard laps or go for a run and you will see what I mean. But I believe a life worth living  is about the yin and the yang, the relax and the rush, the push and the pull and yes the agony and ecstacy! I am just saying, don’t sit on the couch night after night (avoiding pain and discomfort) and not expect to reap what you sow.

Exercising and being active is no guarantee that everything is going to be okay but the way it can  make you feel and the way it can make you look are prizes worth pursuing.  When you can run, jump, roll, tumble, swim, ride, dance or whatever, you have so many more options on how you can live. And let’s face it, isn’t this what a life is for? To fit in as many worthwhile experiences as possible. Being fit will give you more opportunity to dig in to that bucket list.

The alternative to NOT committing to a significant exercise routine as part of your life??

Look around and you will see the consequences.