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Some of you already know that I am pretty motivated to help people and nutrition has always been one of those things that I have desperately wanted to provide serious support on.

Even if you train 6 hours a week (3% of the total amount of hours available to you)  which by the way would be a GREAT effort (you can get results with less….but read on) there is still the other 97% of your time that can either make or break what you do. Everyone has heard how you can’t out train a bad diet. Our job, if you train with us is to get in your head enough to impact this other part of your life.  I now have the best system there is for delivering education and programming that will (with your commitment) lead directly to meaningful behaviour change and guarantee improved long term health, function, fat loss and muscle building for life. Sound  good?

I am  writing this from Sydney airport after spending the weekend here for a certification in what is known as Metabolic Precision. If you haven’t heard about it, don’t worry you aren’t alone. At this point in the fitness industry there are only a handful of seriously switched on trainers around the country who know it and train it. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that if you are being trained or training yourself for fat loss and you the key principles of MP are being broken then you are missing out on the most complete and intelligent approach there is to fitness training and healthy eating and you will NOT be optimising your efforts in this area. Some of you may have already checked this out a bit further as I have mentioned it before. Keep reading about it because it is compelling information like nothing else out there. It will cut through the confusion and almost definintely for the first time. It is both scientifically supported in the most rigorous sense and already real world applied in many places in Australia for some amazing results.

I just deleted a whole 3 other paragraphs on the bottom of this post because I am seriously pumped and want to tell you all about. I am going to hold back because I think it is better  that you decide if you really want to know about this and allow you to take the next step (see below). Web analytics are pretty amazing these days so I can see who opens this and at what point they bail out. If fat loss, improved health and optimal strength training is not your goal then click out now for sure. I would be surprised if you don’t at least look at this given those type of goals. It would make me seriously wonder why you are exercising

But let me just say this before you make that decision. Food is one of those things that it is in our life on a daily basis and is a highly emotional area that can have a profound affect on literally everything we do. But there is SO much  confusion around this subject. Agreed? The information I was exposed to and formally taught on the weekend will directly help improve the quality of mine and my family’s life from today and I have been studying this stuff one way or another since 1990. Nothing I have seen has ever clarified so many cloudy parts of the nutrition and training equation. I am 100% confident the information will help you and yours too, but only if you think you or your family could eat more healthily, get better results from the current effort you are putting in training wise and most importantly, are prepared to do something about it.

Just go to this page now if that is you.

Also, go to this page if you think there just might be a reason that can be found in our diet that explains why Australia is the  unfortunate number 1 in the world in terms of  incidence-per-head for most of the following: diabetes, heart disease, depression and obesity. Also go to this page if you think there may be a clue as to why we are in such a health crisis in the way we eat compared to places like Okinawa or Iceland, where the diseases mentioned above are virtually unheard of or figure very insignificantly as problems (incidentally their diets are high in ‘first class’ proteins, plant source and  omega 3 rich foods- you will have to start the process of learning at this page if you want to know what that means exactly).

Don’t worry, there is no heavy sell on this page (but being sold fitness and health with integrity is nothing to be afraid of if you need it!)  just lots of useful information that will hopefully at least get you thinking (which is step number 1!) and set you on the path to finally getting it all right.

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