Maybe I am one eyed but after reading the latest BRW and some of the stories of business owners in the fastest growing 100 businesses, I noticed a common thread of some of the top people. It was a theme echoed in another article in the Courier Mail about the mythical ‘Work life balance’ which is indeed another topic. But, quoted in both these were business owners who simply ‘made time’ for their fitness routines by carving out appointments in their diary like any other important meeting.

Imagine putting off a really important client on a regular basis? You just wouldn’t do it as part of being professional, so why do most people feel it is okay to do it to themselves? I believe it is because of a skewed set of values or a belief that ‘this is only for a short time’. Sometimes that short time turns in to a lifestyle. If you truly value your health and  your own time,  you will find a way to perform a fitness routine that advances your health and yes your performance which you will find usually rubs off in ALL other areas. As Mr Bouris said to one of the guys in the winning team of a challenge,  in the ridiculous yet watchable  Celebrity Apprentice, “once a champion mate, always a champion”.  You know what they say, excellence is a habit not an act.

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