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This is a question that often perplexes me when it comes to seeing (or not seeing as the case may be) people take action on the most important thing one can do, bar none. It is hard I know because why would you want to invest in something that takes a reasonable length of time to show a return on investment? It is a world of, I want it now!

When you buy a new car, you get the instant feedback on that new car smell and that pleasing shiny look as it sits parked in your driveway. Not so when it comes to health and fitness. You pay, then you work which are two relatively painful things. Although I would say that when fitness training is done right, you should walk out the door of the gym feeling better than when you came in. You should not be exhausted, injured or wishing you stayed in bed.

In reality, it is far easier to keep your head down and not really look at what is happening. This is why I say, ”awareness” is your very first step on the journey to better health. I guess if you understand the importance of investing your finances then the principle for improving your health and fitness is exactly the same.

Often people will come to us after years of not ever weighing themselves or looking in to a full length mirror or observing the changing shape of their image in photos over the years. I mean it is easy to write off these things as “ageing” or not important or whatever else comes to mind when the inevitable evidence of decline pierces the consciousness. When I say “inevitable” I mean when you don’t actually step up to the task of looking after yourself because this intervention is a massive variable to inevitability. It is a physiological fact that everything eventually wears out or declines, but what is not usually known is that you can have a massive impact on the speed of that process. I am not going to say you can reverse it or even stop it but wow, we have all seen 70 year olds who seem to defy age. I know it is that now that drives me. It used to be performance in sport but now it is simply wanting to extract every last drop of useful existence from the finite time allowed to me on planet earth. How do you feel about your life? Do you believe you have control over how your future health will play out? I guess it would be a rare person who thought that changing how you eat or how you move or how often you move would have no impact on either the quality or longevity of a life span.

The question now is, what might be holding you back? We are coaches here at Best Practice Personal Training and with the goal of being the best personal trainers in Brisbane,  we don’t provide a schedule of workouts for you to come and just knock yourself out with. I find that kind of soul-less. Sure we have some small group training classes but our predominant form of service is coaching (or personal training done right) because it is this connection that leads to lasting change. Have you ever felt alone in a class or a bit bewildered in the ”weights section” at one of the big gyms not really knowing what you are doing? We don’t want that for you. If you know you need help to make this fitness gig a habit, then my suggestion is that you think differently about cost versus investment. Seriously, is there anything more worthwhile investing in? Some people say, it is expensive to have personal training and in a sense it is, but what about the expense of never learning the habit of cardiovascular training that you can carry with you for the rest of your life, an activity which is proven beyond doubt to be so important for your heart and brain health? Or what about the cost of losing so much strength that you need special devices to get out of a chair or off the ground. What is that particular ability worth to you? These are health issues. Let’s talk now about beyond just surviving and venture in to the realm of really seizing the day for adventure, fun and vitality. Who doesn’t want that for themselves? Yes it will take effort to get to that hallowed ground but the journey starts with one simple step.

I know some people have been scared off from the exercise thing by over exuberant and ignorant trainers or coaches. I apologise on behalf of our industry. Our philosophy at Best Practice has always been, aim to be a little bit better first and then you decide how far you want to take it. Start now and build a habit. Include all elements of a highly functioning and healthy body including: balance, mobility, strength, stability and endurance activities, then take it further if you like with agility, power and speed challenges.  Combine all this with an eating approach that pays homage to nature (quality protein, vegetables/fruit and fats), ensure recovery with good quality sleep and nurture as many healthy and happy relationships around you as possible. This here is the recipe for a good life. You can have this but it won’t happen by itself. First be aware of where you are at and put your hand up for help if you need it. Just think how great your life can be when you focus on the most important things. You know what they are.

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