How are your genes fitting?


In an increasingly fitness and health conscious society the desire to fit well in to that old pair of jeans can now be fine-tuned and individualised right down to your DNA. We’ve come a long way from the one size fits all routines of the past and have to come accept the sense of investing in hiring an expert to mould a program to our specific needs. When your body is not responding the way it ‘should’ then maybe it is time go one step further and ask specific questions about your own body that science can answer and your local health professional can use intelligently.


It seems that it was some time ago that the human genome project was completed and now finally practical information is starting to filter through. For example, wouldn’t it be nice to know how your body metabolises fat and therefore how successful a standard cardio program might be in helping you achieve the result you are looking for. Or, wouldn’t it be good to know what, if any, supplements are likely to be helping you or are in fact might be a waste of money based on your very own genetic make-up.


A new simple cheek swab test can reveal the ‘hard wired’ functions of your body at the cellular level, thus arming your trainer with a blue print on how to deal specifically with you and give you the best chance of success. The excelgene test, by gene-elite reveals information on 16 different genes in the areas of nutrition, detoxification, lean body mass development and body fat metabolism.


Ask your trainer if he knows about this test. It might be the difference between getting back in to that old pair of jeans or just accepting what your genes have dealt you!