Well I hope you all had a great break, got a chance to recharge the batteries and you survived the festive season in a little drier place than the so called capital of ‘the sunshine state’.  The Best Practice team is back in action, refreshed and ready to tackle the big year ahead (“twenty ten” from what i was told today is the cool way to say it these days).

We said before the holidays that we had grand plans for this year and here are a few things to kick it off.

They say if you have no target how do you know what to aim for… and this is so true! Many people set goals but do not actually achieve them simply because they go wrong in a few key areas. Anthony will be shedding his wisdom  from extensive experience with psychology, coaching and business to help you not only set them correctly but also plant the seeds for you to be able to achieve them THIS YEAR! This is sure to be a lot of fun with some really useful, easy to follow information!

This will start the week of January 18 and will run the following times

  1. Monday 6pm (Beginner)
  2. Thursday 6:30am (Intermediate)
  3. Saturday 8:00am (Beginner)
  4. Saturday 9:00am (Intermediate)

Remember there is only a maximum of 10 per class – to keep it personal and last year all spots filled up quickly. Get in touch with us TODAY to find out more details!

There are many more exciting things that will be happening in the coming weeks/months so stay tuned!