It seems tacky in some ways but putting cold hard cash up for grabs in an attempt to get people moving and eating well, as we run in to Christmas is not something I am above doing! How does a grand sound? Am I being stupid? Probably but I will try anything to put a motivated bunch together. If what I am doing stimulates action (that otherwise may never have happened) and that action leads to new life habits, then it is genius because I love seeing results and there is nothing better than a group with a common goal spurring each on.

It is after all the reason we do what we do. Think Drive theory, Daniel Pink. Good read that. it will explain some things you may have wondered about in regards to motivation.

In the mean time check out our new program. Starts  October 22. Info night October 15.

16 seriously ready to change soon to be legends need only apply! 🙂 Is that you?

Body Balance Challenge 2012