We help people create what I like to call ‘useful fitness’. What I mean by this is fitness that allows you to do things, physical things that make your life or somebody else’s better. No one works out in a gym to perform well in a gym, well at least not anyone over 18 with a modicum of maturity.. They do it so they can have a more meaningful life, to feel better and simply be more capable outside of a gym.

The problem I see though with a vast majority of fitness solutions on offer today is the extreme nature of it. Think crossfit, bootcamps, bikini body challenges, tough mudders etc etc. They are everywhere. No wonder people are scared of entering the world of fitness training. We take a different approach. If you are making progress no matter how small, you are going well. It really is one step at a time. You can’t go from sitting on the couch for the last 10 or even 1 year and start doing clean and jerks! It is literally crazy. And just because your PT was a ‘natural’ body building champ or a commando doesn’t mean you want to be. Sure it’s important to be challenged but as unsexy as it sounds, let’s be sensible and be safe in how we do that. It is not about how you look at the end of your 8 week challenge it’s how you are feeling 10 years in to a non negotiable habit that you have learnt from a professional fitness coach, who actually cares that you make it to that point.

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