You have heard me rant about doing something useful with your burgeoning fitness levels. Last weekend was goal 2 for the year for me personally and a definite achievement for more than 2000 corporate participants in the annual BRW Supersprint triathlon on the Gold Coast. Congratulations to everyone who put their bodies and minds to the test. Whilst this was not a hugely long affair everyone in it still had to train up for it over the preceding weeks and then haul themselves through water, on bikes and finally putting one foot in front of the other for a significant period of time.

This ‘training for something’ thing is a great tactic. I recommend it because, whilst it is nice to think we are motivated by health and being good to our body, sometimes the basic desire to do a thing ‘better than last time’ or ‘do something for the first time’ is a great impetus for action.

I had my good mate of close to 40 years come up from Sydney and play the role of two people and do it twice! Talking of useful fitness this bloke is running from Brisbane to Sydney in early August to raise (the goal is $100K) for Cambodian Vision to help restore sight for hundreds of people unlucky enough to be born in the wrong place at the wrong time. Check out his inspirational story at facebook if you would like to know more.


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