There is a lot of pressure to drink. I heard someone say the other day, “I haven’t had a drink since Australia day”.  Even though the response I heard was in jest it highlighted what we already know. The alcohol culture is pervasive here in Aussie land.

Here is a tactic from another client to get that feeling he was having a drink after a long hot day which would usually call for a beer. Let’s face it, the psych component of drinking (as with everything – my psychology study permeates my view of virtually everything) is huge. His trick? Pour a little lemonade, stacks of ice, crushed fresh lime or lemon, filled to the top with iced water, put in a swizzle stick and make sure you use a common cocktail glass to anchor in that feeling. Sit on the back deck and imagine you are on a Southern Thai island sipping a refresshing cockatail. Nice one!

How is the energy of my alcohol free comrades?

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