I am super keen to have records of client progress this year. Even if you don’t train with us, this is something you should do. In the pipeline, is a purpose build best practice ‘wall’ calendar on which you can mark weekly sessions completed. The reason I like a wall calendar is that it is normally put somewhere you can see it daily. Online records and written diary’s are good but they can be ignored simply by not logging on or opening them up. Behaviour awareness comes from consistent and ‘in your face’ exposure to what is ACTUALLY happening on a DAILY basis.

There is nothing like up to the minute feedback to affect your actions. So, in the time period between now and when we get our calendar, complete with inspirational photos (and probably stupid pictures of me on there somewhere too! Perhaps you got my Christmas card?), use one you already have or print one out off the internet. Then, what I want you to do, is simply mark with a red marker or pen each time you do an exercise session. Add up your number for the week and then the month. Add a cumulative total to each month and start tallying up the points.

Here is how we will calculate your exercise points this year at Best Practice. 3 points for a strength training session (30-45 minutes is optimal), 2 points for a short intense (interval style) cardio sessions and half a point for a low intensity activity like golf or easy swimming for example. The goal is to accumulate between 10 and 15 points per week. More is not better here. The focus I am taking with clients this year is to improve nutrition to such an extent that it allows you to train well and get optimal results. Not train to dissipate a bad diet. This doesn’t work. Sure it is better to exercise than not, no matter what your diet, but if results are what you are after then you will take heed of this last point well.

Check out the detail of what Best Practice will be implementing this year The+MP+10+Point+System+-+An+Introduction

By the end of April of this year I will be introducing specialised programs in body transformation based on the above science-based approach which has already achieved great change for many people around Australia.

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