Week 6 in the challenge: Half way and I might be in trouble! 

I got 5 sessions last week and with the introduction of being ‘allowed’ to drink may have hit a bit of road bump on Melbournec Cup day. Such is life . One day doesn’t ruin a whole program but can certainly undermine results for one week.  Okay so back in to it and I know that my body says I just need to go harder. Craig had a similar result with little movement last week even after a solid week of training and minimal alcohol but perhaps not optimal eating. Michelle made some small progress with her usual training regime but had some respiratory virus challenges.  She has selected her ‘leather pants’ which is a size 12 dress and Craig still has his sights set on ‘abs!’ More photos coming soon! Stay tuned.

Go to the main page to check out the latest measurements in the table but listen below to Jimmy’s take on things below first.