They don’t want you to come!

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I was chatting with a client this morning and we got to talking about 24 hour gyms and how it never really worked for her. Now it might just be professional jealousy but I was thinking just how good their business model is. The dollars charged for what you get is pretty awesome….assuming you use it that is! Human behaviour being what it is goes naturally in favour of a self sustaining business. Most people would agree that gym memberships don’t work. There is no one there ringing you to ask you why you didn’t turn up when you said you would. In fact the whole thing works so much better if you don’t come at all. The equipment doesn’t get worn out, the other members who actually come, the very small minority who have the regular exercise gig dialed in, don’t want you there either crowding up the place with your awkwardness. The other ingenius part of the set up is the whole psychology of hope and the very small cost of having it. For around 12-15 bucks a week you can live in hope that one day you will actually use it and the huge psychological blow of cancelling it, which is tantamount to giving up completely, means that you will keep that thing going which to all of us on the sideline makes owning a 24 hour gym a great looking investment.

As part of a rare breed in the Personal Trainers of Brisbane, we obviously work a bit differently to that. In fact we exist solely because of accountability and you turning up and getting a result. If you become a personal training ‘member’ you will not be allowed to get away with not just showing up. There are two reasons. The first is that you will have a hard time justifying this to yourself as the money you would be wasting isn’t an insignificant amount. The second reason is that we will be on the phone asking you where you were and how we can help make sure you get there next time. This follow up happens even when you don’t turn up for one of our small group sessions or an appointment you have with yourself, which is written in your training app (which we access to). It is like we are ‘making’ you do this exercise gig enough until it builds a life of it’s own. Our philosophy is that habits rule and it is our job to help you get out of the bad ones and start a bunch of new ones aimed at making your life better. The 24 hour gyms just hope you keeping paying for the hope that you will one day get it going properly but we all know it is all about how long you last until getting some real help!

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