The tragedy of exercise procrastination

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Exercise procrastination…

Life comes and then it goes.

It is too short for exercise procrastination folks, I can tell you that much!

It’s not until ‘@hit goes down’ sometimes, that people get propelled to take action. Case in point… a good friend of mine who got diagnosed with cancer at which time he started to become the person he always wanted to be. He put some great things together as a massive legacy before he passed away. Good on you Gav.

The unfortunate thing though is that it often kicks in too late or not at all. Yes, sometimes even the @hit going down is met with apathy. How is it that some people wring every bit of experience and fun from life whilst others, the vast majority, resign themselves to ‘the way it is’. Have you heard that? “Well that’s just the way it is…..” Says who? It is the person who has stopped thinking originally and is on the fast track to ‘that’s all she wrote’. I love to meet cliche with cliche sometimes simply because it’s fun and the plain ridiculousness of it may edge its way through the most closed down mind.

Why would I bother you might say? Well… life is better when you have energy, humour, action, innovation, ideas and a pleasant buzz of optimism around you that you can bring to the table. You think about it and you tell me, who in your life do you enjoy having around you? Those who are forever moaning and finding the hassle in something, dragging their feet wherever they go or the perennial optimist who asks, “why not?” and “give me some of that action” with a sparkle in their eye?

So how do you become this dynamo of energy and ball of fun that everyone loves to have around? Well I can tell you confidently where a good place to start is.

Exercise my good friend, exercise!

Now before I hear the inevitable –

I don’t feel like it. It’s too cold. My back hurts. Tomorrow. I am waiting for [fill in the excuse]. I am far too busy. I am getting around to it. I tried it once and a trainer injured me. I can’t get up early. I don’t like to exercise at night time. It’s too expensive. Exercise is bad for you. I don’t know what to do. 

Just start already!

Go for a walk. Hire a trainer. Take the dog to the park. Join that gym [and go!]. Find an exercising buddy. Lift some weights. Get back into dancing. Play hockey. Kick a ball. Whatever, just move I say!

You maybe be really surprised where it will end up if you do it long enough. This is key too by the way. New habits that you simply ‘do’ and ‘do’. You’ve got some habits already believe me. Just change them. You don’t notice the ones you already have until you really start thinking about it. Exercise will be the same but the only difference is, there will be such massive pay back that you will thank me for it somewhere in your future. You won’t believe how good you can feel. Trust me on this. Pretty soon you will be the person in your universe that people gravitate towards, not because you will be more attractive, fitter, healthier, stronger, faster, more energetic and agile (although believe me those things won’t hurt at all), but it will be your attitude that emanates like a breath of fresh air creating good vibes in your sphere of influence and a positive feeling in your wake.

Sound good?

Want some of this?

Stop procrastinating and call me now or visit

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