I have been looking at some stats to try and get a better understanding of how good the riders are. If you currently train on our computrainer you can now get a very good glimpse of what these guys do. The computrainer has very many courses, in fact we have a lot of the stages of the tour that you could actually ride and experience for yourself. But before you go and do that let me try and paint the picture of pain that these guys go through. The Alpe D’huez stage is famous for its tortuous finish. It is said to be anywhere between 13.8 and 14 (ish) kilometres straight up, an average grade (depending on who you read) of 6.9% to 7.9%. If you have been on computrainer or know a thing or two about riding this is a serious amount of hurt but especially at the end of a 200 odd kilometre warm up!  The record up Alpe D’huez is 37 mins ish. Can you imagine?

One of the numbers to look at next time you are on the computrainer is watts per kg but below is a guage for (guys, sorry girls not available from my source) where you are at compared to ‘fit’ guys and pros! It is pretty interesting if your ride a little.

Peak Power for time period


2 hours

1 hour

30 mins

5 mins

30 seconds

Fit guy

147 – 170





Category 4 rider


209 212

237 240

254 266

293 559

Domestic Pro

252 -291

291 295

330 334

353 372

404 777

International Pro

275 – 317

317 321

359 364

388 394

452 846

Check out our computrainer if you are keen to test yourself out or simply use it as part of a great way to get seriously fit –  click here for entertaining video of wiifit…on steroids! This type of exercise is the way of fitness in the future. It is a type of ‘exergaming’  which basically means computer based games that burn lots of energy. It really is a great way to go. Have fun with friends, satisfy your inner nerd and get fit! Parents take note. Not all computer games will end in pasty faced, un-athletic kids!!

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