When you start exercising you are wanting results!

So what can you expect to see, feel and experience? Can you get a 6 pack if you currently have an extra 20kg in 90 days? If you believe the hype that is thrust down our collective throats at the local newstand, then you might be setting your expectations a bit high. This is bad because the exercise gig is a life time sentence and the sooner you accept that and get on board with a sensible approach, the better we will all be!

Sorry, but there are no quick fixes here and I KNOW you have heard that one before from me. If it is possible for you to do massive things in 90 days I will wager a pretty penny or two that it won’t last. And again, you have to realise, that for you to really enjoy the benefits of exercise, you have to be a total convert that sticks with it until it is the habit that you can’t live without, never feeling quite normal unless you have a bit – yes that is the definition of a junkie too.

But it is ‘A’ okay for this process to evolve slowly over time. If you do really end up going all the way with the health and fitness lifestyle I will boldly state that yes anything is possible, 6 pack and all. Just remember that there is a price to pay for what ever level you end up aiming for. You must know that I am 51 year old male and I still believe anything is possible with the power of exercise right in to my later years. I can’t stop now, not ever!

So back to the 90 day question and the top 5 changes you will experience.

  1. You will start to FEEL BETTER almost straight away and I am talking day 1….if you do this right. You do not have to have sore muscles for days or want to throw up. You want to select an intensity and regime that challenges you a little bit and then you can build on it.
  2. Assuming your program is put together correctly – mobility work, stability exercises, core focus, cardio training, gradual and progressive strength training you will start to BREATHE easier and that is very cool because it is something that effects everything!
  3. You will start to find that climbing the stairs on the way to your home or work start to feel EASIER than you remember which means there is more chance for you to have excess energy to do fun stuff after you have the stuff you have to do for work.
  4. You will start to have more clarity in your thinking and your MOOD states will stabilise if not be more consistently up.
  5. After 90 days of training, again if done right you will start to LOOK BETTER. You will notice that your skin looks more vibrant and you will have people notice this and say something about it to you. If you do the right mix of progressive strength training and cardio, you will be both stronger and your muscles will be showing definition. Nice!

p.s You will notice the image I used is a former client of ours who did some great things but yeah it took 12 months of some pretty solid work. The good news is that he is still training doing lots of other fun stuff including triathlons. The options in Craig’s world opened up after he got in to it and gave himself longer than a 3 month challenge to really making a lasting change.

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