I just wanted to quote from the Gabriel Method again. This was a key insight of the book and I will paraphrase. “You could eat over 5000 calories and still have your body literally starving – starving for nutrients. It is a bit like sifting for gold. The body says keep feeding me in the hope that I can extract some kind of goodness from all the ‘dirt’ coming through…. somehow!”

So, the practical application according to Mr Gabriel is to feed yourself high quality nutrients even if you are eating a lot of ‘bad’ stuff. Your body will eventually reject the need for empty calories and non nutritious foods.

The other really interesting thing I read in his book was how being fat can be a psychological ploy for protection. He used the example of how he was physically scared of his business partner and wanted as much distance between them. This was obviously hard given the fact that they worked together. You could imagine how having a layer between you and something scary makes sense and how being ‘big’ in anyway could deter an adversary. I used that word because that is how the old brain or subconscious is wired. It responds simply and doesn’t try to interpret too much. ‘Threat recognised” “Do something to protect yourself”. Obviously, this is a flawed reaction a lot of the time.

The trick is to rewire by firstly understanding  that carrying fat is not the right response to the threat. When this is achieved the body will shed the fat easily and other activities that can accelerate the process come more naturally. Those other ‘activities’ are things like exercise and eating the right amounts of food for your body.