No. I haven’t joined the National Rifle Association! There are enough gun toting….. ‘enthusiasts’ shall we say in the old US of A, without me adding to the numbers.

What I am referring to is the magic that happens when you commit to something. I am a trainer, a coach, and motivator of others but  I also feel the elation when having made a decision and an overt action that binds me to do it. I had been asked by a couple of clients/friends a little while back to do the Mooloolaba Triathlon in March next year (2017) and it is an event and a distance I haven’t done before.

I only just pulled the trigger on it today (see attached screen shot)

Mooloolaba 2017


and an immediate feeling of “Okay, let’s do this!” hit me. I know I am going to have be fit to do this, fitter than I am now for sure. We as a business usually do the Gold Coast Corporate Triathlon each year which is a kind of taster triathlon event around late April. That event makes me and those I talk in to it, do some training that otherwise wouldn’t normally be done and the happy ‘side effect’ of improved fitness is the result. On a personal level, it ‘makes’ me do things too because let’s face it, no one likes a trainer who says ‘do this and do that’ and doesn’t do it him or herself.  I know it also pleases my wife and gives her the feeling that I might actually survive this world at least as long as her! She is 12 years younger and worries about the different life expectancy of men and women. I always say it is all about the journey honey, not the end point although just quietly, I do have a personal goal of making the ton as a functional and capable, albeit old guy!

I encourage all our clients/members to try new things and stretch themselves a bit. I will be asking the same in 2017. The boys did really well last year as you can see below at the Goldy in 2016.the boys corp tri 2016

I know there were lots of people in that event on the Gold Coast who really got in to the old ‘exercise and fitness’ gig because of it. The commitment to do these things affects your behaviour in such a positive way and the subconscious part of it is perhaps even more powerful.

My challenge to you is to commit to something now before the end of the year. That action of deciding, unleashes a flood of optimism and determination, both really good things to start the New Year with already in your pocket.

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