Sometimes when it comes to change, it can seem overwhelming.

Paralysis by analysis.

Sometimes it feels like that the job is just too big… When members come to us with this feeling, I like to break it down to one thing only because this focus allows positive movement. I always ask what is the one behaviour that you know you need to change and are 99.9% sure you can achieve in the next week? I tell them to make it such an easy thing that success is assured. This is where confidence starts to build. Each week, you start to add just one more thing.  I feel that it is good advice in all aspects of a change program whether it be rehabilitation, a new nutritional plan or the start of a serious transformation. The longest journey starts with but a small step. There is often much wisdom and truth in the age old clichés.

When I was playing tennis, the one thing that helped get me in the zone (which unfortunately often wasn’t enough) was when I could focus, not on the one tournament I was in or the one match ahead or even the one game I was playing. It wasn’t even the one point….. it was the one hit. This laser focus allowed me to get into the moment and just enjoy the process of playing the game. It stopped me from the “what if’s” and the fear that comes with the territory of an outcome focus. This is because there are just so many things you can’t control. What I could control was just how I approached hitting that one ball. When I did that, because I did know how to do it, I just had to trust and ‘let’ myself do it and from that, the result looked after itself. There was so much joy in that moment. This is what people are talking about when they talk about ‘flow’.

I see the power of one as describing the success that comes from focus.  Multi-tasking is the fastest way to average results. You watch how great things happen when you can focus, and by definition this means putting all your energy into a central point. In my business, this is the key for members in changing their life. Whilst it is true that a great health program will be multi-faceted, there is much to be gained from taking it one step a time.

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