I have said before that the best training program in the world is…. the one you actually do. I still strongly believe this,  because doing something will always be better than doing nothing and you will be better off than 90% of the population. But how about answering the question for those who already are in a habit and are not getting the results they want? What about you? Well in my pursuit of trying to do this job better I have learned some great things about nutrition lately as you may have already read in recent blogs. But I have also found out some interesting things about program design that will improve the way I do things when I train and also the way I will program others for strength and cardio training and it is good news.

Put your hand up if you like spending hours in a gym on a treadmill or a bike pounding it out trying to eke out more calories, to ‘pay’ for that beer or that cake you had on the weekend? There may be some relaxation value in that (and certainly some evidence of determingation) but not much else. Sure, again better than doing nothing but most of us exercise for a reason and it is usually to have some good looking muscle or ‘tone’ and to be functionally useful, both from a strength and a cardio perspective.

Check this out now –  The ultimate way to train!, it makes sense on a lot of levels, the least of which is the scientific support of its methodology. The information in this surprised article even me and as you know I have studied this stuff at university and been in the ‘game’ of fitness for some time. Read this and finally know how to put your training week together to maximise  return for your effort. The ‘good news’ is in the amount of time you need to put in to this (it is less than you think), the ‘bad’ news is that watching a tv or reading a book whilst doing your workout will be a thing of the past!

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