You can’t store fitness…..

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The perfect fitness program is……the one you do! You have probably heard me say that before but I would like to add something to that. “……only if it is getting you the results you want.”

There is no point in doing the same old thing if it is actually not getting you where you want to be. When it comes to these matters it is true that indeed everyone is different. One person’s healthy and fit, is another person’s lazy and fat.

Decide how you want to be and then set about making it happen, but you should keep in mind that looking at yourself through rose coloured glasses isn’t doing you any favours. And yes I am speaking to you mate!

Guys are the worst at this. “Hey look I am really okay, I used to play football. I trained 4 times a week I used to be able to do 50 push ups…. and not stop!” That is all great but in the words of Janet Jackson and I paraphrase, “What have you done lately???” Case in point the featured photo of this article. This was taken from the Bridge to Brisbane 3 years back. Yep that is right, the past! I can only look to now and the future, which is why I am training now for the 2016 B2B to create another memory and then yes, reset. Who is going to join me?

So yes, the one true fact is that you can’t ‘store fitness’. It is the continuously renewable resource. I know that is tough to hear but so is the idea that we are all going to die. My thing is this. Make the most of your time on the planet. It would seem a tremendous waste to not give yourself the best chance ever at this one time truly amazing gig. If you believe in reincarnation then okay you may have more than one time. But you still have to keep doing the fitness thing if you want to keep it! No rest for the wicked and all that. Now for someone who hasn’t started the proverbial fitness ball rolling then this might seem quite daunting.

But “eau de contraire”, I say heartily. Start small and gradually build. Do something you are dead confident you can do. Make it so ridiculously easy that you literally can’t fail. Then once you get in to the habit of this, start to slowly make it more challenging. You see this is where most people trip up. The old ‘too much too soon’. I want you to wake up one day after years of doing lots of little things and find that hey, you are one fit son (or daughter) of a gun!

The body is an amazing thing and it will keep adapting to be better if you only give it the chance. What’s the alternative here? To slowly rot?? Not an option I would suggest. If you need help starting the journey then Best Practice Personal Training who are Brisbane Personal Trainers at their best (modest bunch too) are a good bet. No shouting, no biggest loser craziness, just smart, well educated, (in fact university educated in exercise science), personable coaches…… coaching!

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