I have a client (a few actually but this one is standing out) at the moment. She is quite simply doing the job better than I have seen for awhile. She was explaining to me how her new behaviour was having the happy effect of impacting her slightly reluctant husband, reluctant in terms of health and fitness things. She told me how he is in the process of giving up smoking, as she has done since she started with us and also how healthy food choices are becoming more and more natural for both of them.

It made me think of our purpose in business, which is stated in our core values up on our wall…….“Is to help our clients become ‘usefully’ fit so they can do more and do it better, both in work and at play. We believe this will lead to a happier existence for them personally and as a natural consequence – those around them”.  Those around them! Cool. It feels like we are doing something very good when I hear this kind of thing.

This client (Ursula you are star btw!) also told me how hard it was in the beginning, i.e. the first 3 months. The qualities she is displaying are the ones that lead to permanent change. They say ‘seek and ye shall find’ and that is what she had done. In this health and fitness journey, sometimes there is a bit of digging required to overcome the weak point. We all have them and they can derail the best of intentions no matter how good the program. These weak points must be ‘managed’.  Ursula has found hers and is managing it well. The digestive system or the healthy functioning of hormones can make a world of difference to those who are doing everything right but not getting the results that would be expected. Don’t lament, keep surging forward and don’t stop until you find the key. Keep asking questions and adjusting your course according to the answers you get.

What is the alternative? Giving up??

I didn’t think so!

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