The Old Year’s Resolution…..

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I thought I would pre-empt or post-empt the inevitable, both the New Year’s promises coming up and the New Year’s promises that didn’t happen.

But in the spirit of decisiveness, why don’t we just forget the lamenting of time that can’t be gotten back and then also, the usual nonsense of January and the new beginnings talk etc etc blah blah and simply start now! Even if you made some promises at the beginning of 2016 and didn’t quite deliver, it doesn’t matter. We all have the advantage of the clean slate (each day is in fact a new day and a new chance), so why don’t you clean that slate now, rather than waiting for the slate to get even dirtier by the time late January comes? After all the job just get’s bigger and harder. And starting, contrary to popular thought can be as simple as getting up and going for a walk on a regular basis. It is the consistency and the incremental building that will lead to better things. It doesn’t have to be painful!

I really believe in the science of improvement and in a world of mis-information and false (and damaging) beliefs, let’s shed a bit of light on the whole ‘weight loss’ thing, which I can assure you is going to come at you thick and fast  in the very near future on multiple fronts from the media. I would love to have written this article I am about to link you to but since it has already been done and just simply nails it from a science point of view and hence a realistic and HELPFUL point of view, you really should read it. Most of the people who read my stuff are intelligent thinkers, so use that not insignificant intellect and get your head around this post from my favourite researchers or conduits of research, at Precision Nutrition. Knowledge is not necessarily power but implemented knowledge will be. It is within your grasp to make your life better.

Stress is also a pertinent topic at this time of year. It can really build to dizzying heights.

But again the best anti-dote to it is to understand it, understand in the context of yourself and then do something to change so you get a more favourable result . I just deleted a whole paragraph with me aiming to explain my experience of stress and varying theories in psychology that I studied at uni. But again, just read this! The experts have captured better than I have time for!  This article will do a far better job than me in explaining how to deal with stress. The upshot is that not all stress is bad and definitely how you view it is a massive variable that change the whole experience of it. Stress is not a dirty word! Think Skyhooks. 70’s music tragics will be humming the right tune in their head about now!

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Your Lifestyle Has Consequences

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