I have mentioned it a couple of times over the past months. A good mate of mine (of 40+ years) is jogging from Brisbane to Sydney to raise money for Cambodia Vision. He leaves on this epic journey from the Valley Pool on Thursday August 1. We are aiming to have media coverage and as much fan fare as possible (wait for an update on our departure time) but regardless of all that, his story and that of the people he is supporting needs to be told. Check it out here.

I will be aiming to jog with him for the first day and then may be get on my bike for the next few days after and ride with him. We have another great mate of the same vintage driving a car provided kindly by sponsors and he is meeting us in Coolangatta. But check out more of the story here!

If you have any media contacts who would be interested in a story like this one please give me a call. The more focus we can bring to this the more people we help. Thanks very much for your help.

p.s. An interesting aside is that the happy by product of taking on such a task is that Damian has lost close to 25 kg since December last year and is the healthiest and happiest he has been for over 20 years. It’s amazing what can be achieved when one can get outside of themselves and attach to a bigger cause.