Someone said to me the other day that 3 cm lost at this time of year is like double that because of the pressure of over consumption and the usual ‘extra’ that magically arrives around the waist or other susceptible areas (you know where I am talking about!). Maybe that is true and was aimed at making me feel better as my results, whilst positive have not been as spectacular as one might have expected or hoped for. But reality is reality. A month (October) without drinking, whilst very healthy was not enough on it’s own. A month with out coffee or chocolate whilst an exercise in self discipline, again was not enough.

So what is next in the arsenal? A stronger level of diligence in calories in versus calories out! After this we are talking more extreme body building techniques. Perhaps I will set that as a challenge next year if I can convince myself that a 6 pack is worth having.

In the end, health is the top priority for me but use what ever motivates you. If it is a picture of a cut up super model, male or female then go for it!

But quick update on the leather pants…..

After a training session. Couldn’t have been that hard. We are still smiling!!

I have 3 weeks. Still working on it folks. 1cm per week still needed really. Time will tell.

Craig and Michelle, still on target! Craig lost 1 cm, Michelle lost almost a kilogram. Well done team…..Focus, focus! There is a photo shoot coming. Stay tuned.