I have started reading a book by a guy who lost a serious amount of weight. His name is Jon Gabriel. It is an interesting story. He topped the scales at over 186kg and now is normal weight and very healthy. He had tried every diet and even spent to time with Dr Atkins of Atkins diet fame. He only ended up yelling at him for being so fat! For some reason I found that funny.

The main message of the book is that your mind will control what weight you are no matter what you eat. His idea is that the body will put on fat if it thinks that being fat  will make it safe. The trick is to get your body to know it is safe being lean. It is a different approach than any other weight loss book I have read and does make a lot of sense from a science angle. It really brings in to focus the importance of metabolism and the hormones that control it. He suggests that if you have more than 10kg to lose then there is likely to be a strong emotional element to the problem that is holding you  back. This book is worth a read if you are looking for an answer to major fat loss. I strongly encourage an approach that promotes the use of mind power. It is more influential in our lives than I think we  give it credit for.

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