The functional movement screen

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Hi all, just letting you know that here at best practice we are continually trying to update and improve what we do. Case in point, the Functional Movement Screen. Whilst we have always done a comprehensive assessment for clients before training, this new system, used widely around the world now, is a very simple yet incisive tool for identifying weak links in the base moves we need to make in day to day living.

All of us here are learning this system now and it will be part of our assessment process very soon. For existing clients expect to be put under the microscope soon and for new clients coming, look for the most comprehensive pre-program exercise assessment there is.

This system was developed by renowned physical therapist, Gray Cook. The beauty of it, is it’s simplicity and practicality. Have a glance at it here and let me know what you think. It is used widely by athlete conditioning coaches and is now becoming widespread in it’s use for the average person starting an exercise program.

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