The fittest I have been in years and why I do what I do….

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Okay I didn’t want to make this blog all about me but felt that sometimes there are lessons from what others experience that can help you personally either via inspiration or a relate-ability perspective. I make no apologies for the image accompanying this blog, as it may seem a little incongruent. I would be interested what it signifies for you? For me it screams the end of Winter, health, vibrancy and adventures ahead. But that’s just me.

You may or may not know, but I have been on a pretty massive health drive, primarily for fertility purposes (but also because I like to experiment a bit on myself) and with the added side effect of extreme health! So not all bad. I am cutting out sugar and sweet stuff (all types – but to be honest am cheating very occasionally with the odd blueberry and strawberry. You know you are eating well when ”cheating” is eating fruit! It’s a long story but know that I don’t recommend not eating fruit in general at all), but eating a lot of healthy fats, stacks of vegetables, targeted supplements and of course a heap of quality protein. I have been running at least 3 times a week and sometimes 4 or 5 exercise sessions in total each week, in my quest to do a PB at the upcoming Bridge to Brisbane. It is amazing how good you can feel from pushing yourself a bit. I reckon I am as fit as I have been since I was about 40, maybe younger. Just yesterday I did a session with a really good running mate of mine and did 4 X 1km efforts at faster than 4min/km pace with 90s recovery, which for me is really moving. Again I would like to reiterate that these things are all relative and everyone in their own way is on a challenge that’s every bit as real as super star athletes doing their thing. I am 51 and like to see what I can get myself to do compared to when I was younger and when I finished 23rd in the recent 5km park run in 20mins 38s and second in my age group, I was pretty happy but the guy who won it in just over 18mins was in the 60-64 year old age bracket! So, there are always things to shoot for and we are all at our own level with this. If you haven’t seen or heard of the Parkrun it is a very cool community event that is free and provides great weekly motivation and support for those who see running as a great thing to be able to do. I understand that running is not for everyone, as an excess of it can have deleterious effects on the wrong body type but even too much water will kill you, so like everything you have to pick your dose. The smallest dose of running btw is walking (it is just a really slow run!) and that movement is recommended for everyone for their whole lives. Don’t start me on the “useful fitness” concept 🙂 but just get motivated is what I am saying. If you think the exercise thing is not for you, understand that you are basically saying, this life thing is not really for me because as my good friend Matt Platz the chiropractor says, Life is movement.

I see life as one big journey and we get to choose how we travel it for the most part. I would suggest that first class is the goal right? So what is first class? I think it is about being capable of doing ‘stuff”. Like…..Being able to walking up hills on a beautiful island off Bali, jump on a bike and do a tour of the vineyards of France, dive in to the ocean and snorkel the Barrier Reef, paddle a canoe on the Amazon. It is interesting how your goals change. When I was younger my eyes were set on a professional tennis career and extreme athleticism was part of that but when that career didn’t materialise along with the imagined crowd adulation (weird how that was a thing!) I got down to thinking about more real stuff, like how do I want to be as I get older, how do I want to traverse this world?  These thoughts have translated in to the reasons I do what I do and constantly keep me on track. I want as many people as possible to come along for the ride I have in mind. This is why our focus is on 40+ year olds and beyond. It is about this age that the implications of not getting this right, start to really dawn on you and meaningful action becomes more likely. I like working with motivated people who have ”got it”. I understand the challenges but know also that the alternative to getting to the place where exercise and predominantly healthy eating are your go to habits, is not one that any free thinking person would really want to entertain. The key words there are ”free thinking”. Most people these days are so tied up with the stress of living, holding down jobs, looking after demanding kids, or ageing parents, that the ability to think freely is limited. I can only implore you, if you are reading this, to stop, carve out some time for yourself somewhere and really consider things. Breathe. Think. Take action. You are in control of how your life plays out. You know what’s important.

We help busy, professional people, over 40, it’s okay if you are younger and unusually mature:), make quality exercise and healthy eating their non negotiable habit for life. In the end this habit is the most important ability you will nurture and it is worth pulling out ALL stops to achieve it. You know they say selling fitness is hard. You have to put your hard earned money in to something that you THEN have to put work in to, to get real results, and to make matters worse, you also have to keep doing it and never stop! This is definitely true but the ‘product’ you are buying from us is the permanent ”state” that you will get in to and eventually own, which is very similar to the automatic behaviours you already have in your life. You don’t need ”willpower” to clean your teeth. Once the behaviour is in-grained in to your subconscious, you will be free and it yours for life. We will be obsolete and you will now be the fisherman (person).

Think about it!

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