I really loved this post I found regarding the importance of the deadlift and rehabilitation of a back injury. It touches at the very heart of how I am shaping what we do here at Best Practice. Most of you know I have been studying Metabolic Precision which is a process and structure for transforming bodies and living an extremely healthy existence. It encompasses a very strategic way to eat combined with a scientifically prescribed training program to get the utmost return for effort put in, which is absoultely fantastic. But what about the person who has an old injury to deal with? How do you get to the big exercises that stimulate the most growth? Important moves like the squat, deadlift, a rowing action and or a bench press. when there may be compromised movement patterns in place?

It will always be about firstly identifying issues, getting appropriate musculo skeletal treatment when necessary and then not being afraid to push for real and continual progression to improve  integrity so more challenges can be met, for both daily living and other goals such as muscle growth or at least maintenance – remember that most of us lose muscle as we age which seems to be strongly associated with everything we label ‘as getting old’. Way to avoid? Lift progressively heavier weights and vary the movements as the body adapts.

Read this post because it is intelligent and makes sense.

p.s you can probably pass on the videos unless you are as geeky and as interested as I am in the technical explanation around the biomechanics of this move!

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