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I find myself writing about this from time to time. I often wonder what it takes to spark the action required to start change. I subscribe to a very smart guy in the personal training/mentoring field. He talks about these crazy times we live in, where people flit from one thing to another and get so buried in ‘activity’ that they no longer have time to really think. Do you find yourself caught up rushing around and never really considering or pondering or contemplating…..about anything that really means much?

I used to do a lot of this contemplation stuff when I was younger. I travelled to Europe to play tennis and found myself with a lot of time on my hands when I was waiting for buses or trains or in between tournaments. I had perhaps too much time on my hands! I have read some of my musings from that period of my life, that I put down on paper recently and it makes for entertaining reading, for me at least. I was a guy who philosophised and examined things a lot. It is probably how I ended up buying a boat and living on it, amongst other kind of off the wall stuff. I guess I am doing less of the navel gazing now but when I have a quiet moment or something hits me and gives me pause to really think, then I realise that this is an activity that can lead to momentous stuff in life. It is like you finally have space for some truly original and innovative thoughts.

What I want to say today is this. Create some space to think. This is the starting point for inspiration. It is so easy for me to say, don’t think, just take action! Don’t get me wrong, there is definitely something in that too. But bottom line is, if you haven’t actually done the ‘Nike’ thing yet and got yourself moving and gettting fitter or stronger or more mobile or more rested even, then you might just need to draw something from somewhere in your head!

I write this in the vain hope that you carve out enough time to actually read this first, which then may spark something in you. A dear friend of mine passed away last weekend and it has given me pause to think as these heart wrenching events will do. I guess that event is the reason for this post.

What does life mean anyway? When we get to the end as we all will, what is it that you will remember or regret or dwell upon? What will give you comfort and what will keep you awake at night? I know my mate squeezed more in to his 54 years on the planet than maybe 5 average people do in an entire life time…..Legendary son to his mum, A School teacher who cared, A Sport Science researcher and first class Honours graduate, An Ambulance officer and Paramedic who saved countless lives, A Surfer, A Viticulturist (yes he studied it!), A Doctor, An Anaethetist, A seasoned World traveller (visited more countries than I could count) Loving Husband and Step Father – only the best play this role :). His name was Rod Russell and he was a great mate. RIP my good friend.

The point of all this? Live life well and respect the opportunity we all have. How can you make more out of the gift of life you have been given?

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